With The Popular Series, Tourists are Flooding again

With The Popular Series, Tourists are Flooding again!

Due to the new series(Chernobyl), the agenda of the Chernobyl disaster is on everyone's agenda. After the series, the eyes turned to the catastrophe in Chernobyl and the interest of the people increased considerably. The series has recently made a final and tourist raids have started in Chernobyl. Pripyat, which is located within the 10-kilometre danger circle around Chernobyl, is the leading one to be visited. Here is information about the most interesting place in the world where there are many prohibitions that can be visited with a detector measuring radiation.

Pripyat, located in the North of Ukraine once had 49.000 citizens. After the incident, most of the population had fled the city in an instant. The city dates back 12'th century and The nuclear plant's construction started in 1970 and ended in 1977. The area was abandoned on 27 April 1986 due to safety precautions from the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. In 11 days, the scattered radiation was 200 times more than Hiroshima. Unfortunately, the wornings were taken into consideration after the air pollution in Norway. Norway had requested a study from the soviet union, they had learned how bad it was. The explosion had caused the instant death of 31 people and later, the death of millions. Now the city is a ghost town and open for tourism.