What Does Victory Day Mean to The Turkish People

What Does Victory Day Mean to The Turkish People

For Turkish people, 30 August is very important because it was the day The Turkish chief commander decided that action needed to be taken, otherwise he was going to lose the country therefore he started the campaign to free central Anatolia from the enemies hands.

How did it all happen?

The country was in bad shape due to all of the enemies attacking from all sides. Turkish people were starting to lose their hope, the enemies noticed it and they started riots within the people to make the country that much vulnerable. Atatürk had seen this and immediately started to take action.

Atatürk gathered all of the politicians, generals and soldires he still trusted and with the help of the people, the war had started. The enemies were the Greeks who had an alliance with the British. After a long battle, the Greeks were pushed back to the borders of Izmir and away from Turkey on 30 August 1924.

What do people do on the 30’th of August?

In the morning, children would walk to the places where ceremonies are taken place and perform various shows. As they are walking, everyone waves, applauds and greets them with Turkish flags. Once the ceremony is done, children find their parents, go home or to eat some food at a restaurant and spend rest of the day at home with their families.