Villas with gardens are a new favourite

Villas with gardens are a new favourite

As we know now, the pandemic caused all sorts of differing expectations in the world, not the least the desire for our own space. It’s been documented before by Summerhomes that during this time people started to look for homes with gardens, balconies and terraces. The top criteria, however, was to create a peaceful haven for themselves. 

Why do people prefer houses with gardens? 

During the lockdowns, people were noticing that neighbours with gardens were spending more time outside communing with nature and getting fresh air. The demand for properties with gardens and balconies increased by 235%. More people were working from home and that desire to escape for a little bit increased. Additionally, people began to revisit childhood memories of growing their fruit and vegetables in the garden as well as flowers and garden DIY projects. All these things took people away from the reality of the pandemic even if it was just for a short time. 


Our children influence our aspirations too. Watching our kids play together in the garden evokes memories of our own childhood. Many gardens also have pools and the advantage of this is just something that money can’t buy! 

Here at Summerhomes we have noted that . So, if you are interested, please contact one of our knowledgeable Sales Advisors and book an appointment to see our extensive range of properties.