Unobstructed Cleopatra Beach

Unobstructed Cleopatra Beach

For the past few years, Alanya has been thinking of new ways to help its people, foreign and local. It has been announced that Cleopatra beach is the first in Turkey that can assist disabled people into the sea.

Cleopatra Beach, which is known for being one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. Recently today, disabled people were invited to the opening of the carrier for people who are physically disabled. People who are disabled can now enjoy the sea and have a nice swim without anyone's assistance.

Everyone was gathered to the Cleopatra beach today, and a speech was given on what Alanya's goals are and what the city has planned for the people. All the people, including the disabled people, were happy to hear this news. Adding that Alanya shall one day be an unobstructed city, Adem Murat Yücel ended with an inspirational speech.

The elevator which will be used as shown to the people who came to the opening and then people were given a try. After the instructions were given, disabled people were able to test it and enjoy a lovely afternoon in the sea.

The mayor of Alanya informed reporters that the people who did not attend today should not worry because the instructions on how the elevator should be used will be right next to the machine. Lastly, he added that in this project will inspire Turkey to be better and that he is proud to be the mayor of the city who first added this service to a city.

The elevator will be useable for a few days, but soon it will be removed due to weather conditions and the closing of the season. The machine will not be active during the winter, and during the summer, the device will be placed again and operational.