Turkish Mountains

Turkey is situated on the border of two continents: Europe and Asia. It is country of mountains and it has diverse geographical features. Turkey is shaped by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Turkey offers a number of breathtaking natural wonders. Except of wonderful beaches on the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, you will find here beautiful cities, historical places and  picturesque mountains.

The most famous mountains in Turkey are Mount Ararat, Taurus Mountains, Mount Erciyes, Palandoken, Kaçkar Mountains, Uludağ, Mount Suphan, Mount Nemrut, Mount Sipylus, Mount Hasan, Mount Sis, Mount Ida and Babadağ.

Mount Ararat in Turkey

Mount Ararat is volcanic massif in eastern Turkey, located between Aras and Murat Rivers. The name Ararat has been used since the Middle Ages. It has legendary status due to its geologic location, it is believed that is the resting place of Noah´s Ark.

It consists of two peaks: Great Ararat and Little Ararat, both are dormant compound volcanoes. Great Ararat is the highest mountain in Turkey, with the peak at 5,165 metres above the sea level. Little Ararat is 3,896 metres high. Ararat massif is about 35 km wide. The peaks are constantly cover by snow, but due to the global warming, the snow has significantly dropped.

Black Sea Mountains in Turkey

The Black Sea region is one of the most special regions of Turkey, with its high mountains, green forests, impressive plateau and deep valleys.

Pontic Mountains is a mountain range in northern Turkey, extending along the Black Sea for approximately 1,000 km. They form an interrupted chain of folded highlands which are generally parallel to the Black Sea coast. The mountains are mostly covered by coniferous forests. The highest peak is Mount Kaçkar – 3,937 m. Kaçkar Mountains are situated in northeastern Turkey. This impressive place has become popular destination for nature lovers. The northern slopes are more humid, while the south-facing slopes has very dry climate with little vegetation.

Taurus Mountains in Turkey

Taurus Mountains is a mountain range in southern Turkey. They are approximately 560 km long and seperate central Anatolian Plateau from the Mediterranean coast. The mountains are divided into three parts: Western, Central and Southeastern Taurus.

It is the second chain of folded mountains in Turkey after Pontic Mountains. In the west, it starts from Egridir Lake and extends to the upper side of the Euphrates River in the east. Some of the highest peaks of those mountains have glaciers on top with a small lake are formed of white limestone. On the slopes, there are scattered forests of pine, cedar, oak, and juniper.

The highest peaks are: Demirkazik – 3,756 m and Mount Erciyes – 3,916 m. Due to its height, Demirkazik is preferred by mountain climbers. Mount Erciyes, located near Kayseri, is a stratovolcano and a popular tourist destination especially in the winter months, when it provides perfect place for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. Outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, camping are recommended in the spring and summer.

Antalya is one of the most popular cities around Taurus Mountains, making it a base for hiking and daily tours to the mountains. Some parts of this mountain range are also well-known for winter sports such as skiing.

Other Famous Mountains in Turkey

Palandoken is high tectonic mountain in Erzurum, eastern Turkey. It is the most popular ski resort in Turkey with the longest ski trail, the best place in Turkey for skilled skiers. The ski season lasts from November to May.

Uludağ is the highest mountain in western Turkey, popular ski resort among local and foreign visitors. The highest peak is Kartaltepe – 2,543 m above the sea level.

Mount Suphan is situated in eastern Turkey. It is inactive volcano and the third largest mountain in Turkey – 4,058 m. This mountain is relatively untouched and you will not find many ski resorts here.