Turkish Grand Prix / F1 in Turkey

Turkish Grand Prix / F1 in Turkey

It was announced that Turkey would be the hoster in Intercity Istanbul park for 2020's F1 Grand Prix tournament.

When and How did F1 become popular in Turkey?

F1 has been popular around the world for many years, but unfortunately, it was introduced to Turkey in 2003 after the beginning of the construction of Intercity Istanbul park by Hermann Tilke. The park's completion was in 2005 with a total estimate of $40.000.000. This track is known as one of the best due to its overall design with its corners, inclines-declines and counter-clockwise root.

The track was active since its opening until 2011 with Sebastian Vettel taking the trophy after that tournament was taken place in other locations because the track lost interest due to the lack of spectators. The reason for this is because the price of tickets was high and Turkish people didn't have the motorsport culture. As a matter of fact, in the last few races due to the low number of spectators, they had to change the angles of cameras for the TV. After 2011, the track was only used for various events and TV programs. As of 2020, a massive pandemic has spread across the world having tremendous effects on tourism, industry and economy. This also affected F1 in a big way as there were not a lot of tracks to host such an event but turkey stepped forward and became this year's host.

As previously mentioned, it makes it extremely hard for the drivers and engineers to predict and manoeuvre around the track. Because of this, it will be enjoyable for the spectators this year.

What should you pay attention to this year's race?

Renault, Mclaren Renault and Racing point BWT Mercedes teams are neck and neck in the scoreboard so these teams will try their best to be in the top three. Also, because there is a high chance it will rain, the drivers will have a tough time reaching the finish lines.