New Turkish Electric Car - TOGG

New Turkish Electric Car - TOGG

It was announced on TRT live, the Turkish local news agency that they will showcase Turkey's new cars. The live broadcast was published on TV and numerous websites. The conference was taken place in IT Valley in the north-western region of turkey, also known as Gebze. After the representatives of the company with the Turkish prime minister made a long speech and then shared a small video with high-tech features. The cars were brought on stage with a levitating effect. One was a red SUV and the other one being a grey sedan, all of which looked amazing. Because there were no grills, many people's questions were answered if the car was going to be an electrical, hybrid or diesel engine. Unfortunately, the model of the cars was not announced.

TOGG's CEO, former Bosch executive Mehmet Gurcan Karakas and its chief operating officer, Sergio Rocha, former General Motors Korea chief executive, said that they would begin production in 2022. They will come in two options; all cars will come with 500 of range and fast charging at local points( fully charged within 30 minutes).

Some of the features that these cars that have been enounced;
Smart connection (Car play)
The vehicles will be updated with its internet connection as a standard in all vehicles.
Pop up display and gesture control.

Lastly, the cars will come in two options; 200 hp and 400 hp. While one will have a 500-kilometre lasting battery, while the other will have 300 kilometres, let us now forget to add that the 200 hp option will go 0-100 in 7.4 seconds and the 400 hp option will go 0-100 in 4.7 seconds.

For more information please check out their website