Turkey's Recovery Plan For Tourism

Turkey's Recovery Plan For Tourism

Turkey has already announced their plan for economic recovery. It has great importance to revive domestic and foreign tourism. Presumably, international tourism in Turkey will begin to recover from May 27.

The Stages of Turkey's Recovery

Here are the 4 stages of recovery:

  1. On May 4, quarantine measures will reduce all over the country. Hairdressers, Turkish markets, large shopping centres will open, but the masks have to be warned.
  2. This stage will begin on May 27 and will last until the beginning of autumn. During this period, internal and external traffic and gradually revive the tourism industry. First, they will start with local residents, and then Turkey plans to receive vacationers from abroad.
  3. From September 1, Turkish students will return to their schools. At the same time, the tourism industry will be fully active.
  4. From the beginning of 2021, a vaccine should be made for COVID-19.

The plan will be adjusted depending on the epidemiological situation in the country.

When can People Come to Turkey

Several suggestions have already been made when tourists can pack their bags to relax on the Turkish coast. Many optimists are confident that this will happen on May 27. But, pessimists suggest it will be closer to September.

You can be sure of one thing - the revival of the tourism sector will start with domestic tourists. When local travellers prove to the world that it's safe, then vacationers from other countries will once again discover that Turkey is a great place.

It is predicted that the main points of tourism will shift from the usual large cities to small villages where fewer people live. To start work, hotels will need to obtain health certificates confirming the absence of coronavirus. Now, tourism centres are holding events to increase the social distance between vacationers. At the same time, discussions are ongoing, whether the system will remain "all-inclusive" or if the guests will be offered individually.