Turkey Secured One of The Top-Ranked Countries to Live and Work in

Turkey Secured One of The Top-Ranked Countries to Live and Work in

Between 163 countries turkey held rank seven as one of the most comfortable countries for living and working, according to a survey by HSBC Bank Group.

As the leading countries in the survey:

Turkey was ahead of Germany, UAE, and Vietnam and the survey mentioned that turkey provides a relaxed, safe, and comfortable environment for foreigners to start a new life. Work in Turkey is also easier compared to other developed nations as people find it life extremely dificult.

According to the Expat Explorer survey, with the opinions of 18000+ individuals from 163 who were part of the reviewed, it shows how swiftly Turkey has risen from the 22'nd place last year to the 7'th in 2019.

The 12th annual edition survey takes into account the countries terms of life's quality, work and neighbour relations, financial revenues, and family structures.

This survey is considered as one of the most comprehensive surveys for expatriates, and one of the most informative to tourism. To add to it, over 60% of the expatriates said that turkey provides better living standards than their home countries, and over 59% said that they found it easy for them to learn the language or new skills to improve their lifestyle in some way. The majority said that they loved/ love to live in cities full of diversities of historical sites, different cultures and the fine vibrant dining experience.

The survey was accompanied by a report by the HSBC Bank Group, says that turkey which is the bridge between Asia and Europe, "oozes ex-pat appeal, particularly for business-people looking to take advantage of its growing economy."

"With clear sunny skies and a low cost of living, the country is also an ideal retirement destination, and its culture lives up to the cliché' something for everyone' with a fascinating blend of Eastern and Western traditions."

At the end of the survey, there's a guide for expatriates came as recommendation showing how there are a lot more opportunities in the country than its rival European nations. There are so many properties to buy or rent and living expenses are way cheaper than other developed countries in the survey.