‘Turkey’s Maldives’ Salda Lake Hosted Thousands of Visitors

‘Turkey’s Maldives’ Salda Lake Hosted Thousands of Visitors

With its white beach and water clarity, Salda Lake in Burdur is likened to the Maldives and hosted approximately 300 thousand visitors in the recent summer season.

• Salda Lake, which is likened to the Maldive Islands with the clarity of its white beach and water in the Yeşilova district of Burdur, hosted about 300 thousand visitors in the summer season.

• Salda Lake, which fascinates its visitors with its dazzling beauty, is located on a tectonic pit with a depth of 184 meters and in a closed basin.

• Having the status of a nature conservation area since 1989 and has a high tourism potential of Turkey "Maldives" of last year's promotional activities and has increased in popularity due to social sharing in the media.

• Thousands of visitors, who wanted to see and photograph this natural wonder from the country and abroad during the summer season, flocked to Salda Lake.

• Burdur Governor Hasan Şıldak said that Salda Lake’s popularity is growing day by day.

Governor Şıldak stated that they gave importance to Salda Lake, which has a wide tourism potential and said, "We are conducting extensive studies to bring the lake into tourism."

As he emphasized the fact that Salda Lake’s recognition in both the country and abroad has been increasing constantly, he said:

  • "We saw a significant increase in the number of visitors in the summer period. When we look at the number of visitors coming in May-June-July-August this year, we can see that the number of visitors reached 40 thousand in the summer season. about 300 thousand domestic and foreign visitors come to see what "

•Şıldak emphasized that the lake attracts visitors because of the availability of both swimwear and photo shoots. He said that the region is declared as a tourism center within the natural protected area and is a protected wetland.


Şıldak told that they care about leaving this natural wonder clean, preserved and well cared for future generations.

"For this purpose, we have initiated studies in order to provide protection, cleanness, and tourism to better favorable conditions in terms of service. Our Minister of Environment and Urbanization support these works. Studies are continuing under the coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

As a result of these studies, we hope that our lake will serve the visitors who are in better conditions for the country and international tourism and that the needs will be met in the best way, but also the protection measures will be taken in the best way. We think that these works will bear fruit from next season.


Coming from Manisa to Salda Lake, Nilgun Kocaaga expressed her impression of the place as: "I came for the first time. We liked it very much and believe us we were very surprised. It’s as beautiful as everyone told me before.”

Tolga Keskin from Ankara said that they had stopped because they were wondering about Salda Lake when they returned from Antalya and said: “The water is so beautiful, we made mud bath here. We sincerely hope that its purity stays protected and beauty won’t be spoiled.”