Turkey Completes Construction of Hospitals

Turkey Completes Construction of Hospitals

Turkey is on the verge of a gradual exit from the pandemic. The number of infected are decreasing daily, while the number of people who have recovered is increasing. This is because there was always medicines, medical masks and ventilators available. Turkey assisted other countries in the fight against COVID-19, and Turkish scientists are testing a coronavirus vaccine.

Hospitals Made For The Pandemic

In April, Tayyip Erdogan announced the start of construction of 2 clinics in Istanbul. The purpose of this event is the fight against COVID-19. The clinics will only accommodate patients infected with the coronavirus.

These specially made hospitals are each designed to have 1,000 beds. They are located on the territory of the military airport of Sancaktepe and the old Ataturk airport. At the moment, the construction is ongoing and will be completed shortly.

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 was recorded two months ago, and the peak of the pandemic occurred on April 11.

Official statistics as of May 4, 2020:

  1. The total number of infected - 126045 people.
  2. The number of death - 3397 people.
  3. The number of recovered - 66151 people.

The first cases of the virus began in Turkey on April 24. The situation in the country continues to stabilize, so the government has developed a phased quarantine plan.