Tourists Discover Turkey’s Secret!

Tourists Discover Turkey’s Secret!

Turkey is well known for its fabulous beaches, stunning mountainous scenery and eclectic cuisine, but now tourists are discovering a secret side to Turkey. Skiing!  

It seems that Turkish ski resorts are fast gaining in popularity amongst skiing enthusiasts attracted by the excellent quality of the snow and the resorts themselves.  

Many ski centres, particularly Uludag in Bursa and Davraz in the Isparta region, report that charter flights are bringing in tourists from Russia, Ukraine, and Poland on an almost weekly basis. Not only are these tourists coming for the skiing but are also booking on cultural excursions as part of their package holiday. It is thought that up to 10% of foreigners staying in Bursa are attracted to the skiing resorts.  

Thermal Tourism  

 Hammams became very popular and were quickly integrated into Turkish life. These hammams existed near natural hot springs and spring waters and soon became associated with healing properties.   

Nowadays, there are many cities associated with thermal springs. Afyon has one of the hottest thermal spring waters and it has some of the best, elite spa centres.   

Tourists also flock to Ankara, Bursa, Pamukkale and Yalova in Istanbul to take in the water. This means not only bathing in hot water but drinking the water and bathing in the thermal mud. It is said that there are many therapeutic benefits to doing this and looking at the number of tourists who come primarily for these reasons, it seems they agree!  

Sports Tourism  

Our very own Antalya region is high up on the sports tourism popularity lists, with visitors flocking to this area for football camps and golfing holidays, attracted by the warm days this region can have in the winter months.   

Early indications are that numbers for the summer season are about five times higher than they were in 2021. Many agencies are reporting that reservations are up by about 75% already. Most of the reservations are for the Mediterranean and Aegean regions which is excellent news for tourist resort and their workers.