The Natural Beauty of Shirnak

The Natural Beauty of Shirnak

Even though Shirnak was an area victim to the wars, some of the districts are untouched. One of these areas is Beytussebap.

Even though the wars continue in the area, some places are still untouched. Beytussebap has one of the best valleys, streams, green life in the area. It offers its natural beauties, history, culture, rich cuisine and hospitality to the world. Altın and Tanin mountains provide water for the canyons and plateaus. Kato and Komtik mountains affect the weather in the plateaus within the district.

Zumrut Thermal Springs is also essential for thermal tourism within the area. Farashin plateau offers small and bovine animal farming as well as beekeeping and natural beauties. The places that could not be visited in the previous years are now being rediscovered. Aşağıdere, being one of them is 10 kilometres away from the district. It is a place where everyone can come and see.

Becoming a Tourism Destination

After it became more peaceful, the district is now expected to be known for its promising canyons, plateaus, streams and water resources. Domestic and foreign tourists are invited to the district. For those who want to try rafting and other nature sports, it is worth to try The Habur Stream.