Terms of Use

Terms of Use

You will find Summer Home Real Estate’s terms of use on www.summerhomes.com.

Any personal information about visitors is not saved or collected by www.summerhomes.com. Also, the website does not send any unclaimed information (SPAM) to any visitors or third parties.

Additionally, any cookies are not sent for the collection of data from your browsers.

Statistical information which is used for the further improvement of the website on operation systems and browsers are being logged by Summer Home Real Estate. The logged information is not and will not be shared with any third party.

The information received by e-mail through the website will be strictly confidential and will not be distributed or sold to any third party.

The privacy of internet users is under protection of Summer Home Real Estate’s commitment.


Summer Home Real Estate and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries keep the control, ownership and/or licenses of, and protect www.summerhomes.com and all services and content on the website through copyright and trademark.

It is impermissible to use any extracts from Summer Home Real Estate’s website for any purpose. It is impermissible to reproduce, copy, republish, post, upload, transmit or distribute any material or information from the website. Information can only be downloaded and printed for personal, non-commercial, use.

The content can only be shared by others via links or social bookmarking.

Our trademark is registered

Summer Home Real Estate is a registered trademark and the name, logo, and trademark of the website are protected by the copyright law of the Republic of Turkey.