Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project TANAP

Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project TANAP

After Aliyev congratulated Erdogan for the elections, he emphasized that the peaceful relationship between two countries is strengthened by Azerbaijan being the first country Erdogan visited officially, after he had sworn to service Turkey. The relationship between Turkey and Azerbaijan has been going on with an increased cultural, social and financial alliance for years. Both leaders emphasized that the relationship between two countries is essential and important for both the area and Azerbaijan’s relationship with Europe.

Erdogan commented that, in addition to the increase on trade volume between two countries, TANAP Project is essential between countries. He pointed out the fact that the bond between Azerbaijan and Europe will be established by this project.

The TANAP Project is a natural gas line construction between Azerbaijan and European countries. It will start from Ardahan, the border between Turkey and Georgia, and continue up to its connection to TAP natural gas pipeline at Ipsala, Edirne, the border between Greece and Turkey. The Project includes 1850 kilometers of main pipeline, 19 of which will be going under Marmara Sea.

The Project aims to transfer the natural gas produced in the various natural gas fields in Caspian Sea to Turkey firstly, to European countries afterwards. Connecting with SCP and TAP pipelines, TANAP will establish Southern Gas Corridor.

President of Azerbaijan, Aliyev, stated that Turkey and Azerbaijan are reestablishing the energy map of Eurasia. “Our joint efforts is very important not only for our countries but also the whole area and Eurasia. The fellowship between Turkey and Azerbaijan contributes to the stability of the region”, he added.