Savvy Souvenir shopping in Turkey

Savvy Souvenir shopping in Turkey

Souvenir shopping in Turkey can be as cheap or expensive as you want but more importantly great fun because the Turks sell everything and anything. Famous things to buy vary depending on where you go. For example, in Cappadocia, pottery from the town of Avanos is popular whereas, at Ephesus, statues of the Virgin Mary are widely sold because of the ancient city’s Biblical connection. However, before we start looking at souvenirs to buy countrywide, you need to be aware of Fake Souvenirs and Antique Scams. 

For a long time, shops throughout Turkey openly sold counterfeit goods. This included watches, handbags, sunglasses and t-shirts; these fake products targeted many well-known western brand names. Most tourists were happy to get virtually the same thing for half the price, and the fake industry of Turkey grew into a multi-millionaire business. Understandably, though, brand names like Gucci and Nike got extremely annoyed. Hence, lately, Turkey has cracked down on trades selling fake, branded items, so the availability is not the same as in recent years. 

So, what can you buy?  

Well number one on the list is the Turkish Blue Evil Eye. If you’re ever invited into a Turkish person's home or car, you will see these blue eyes hanging everywhere! Why, you ask? Well, they’re said to protect against evil and keep you safe. Whether this is true or not they make a brilliant souvenir or decoration for your own home.  

Magic Boxes 

So, you’re walking around a Turkish market and somebody says if you can open this box, I will give it to you for free. Easy right? Wrong! There’s a set of complicated steps you must follow in order to open these ‘magic boxes ‘. However, once you’ve learnt the trick it’s a fantastic trick to play on your own family and friends!  

Turkish Rugs 

Ultimately, Turkey is famous for its glorious handmade rugs. They’re generally made in the ‘old-style’ and totally handmade. They’re exquisite, long-lasting and definitely worth the money!  

Turkish Delight 

Whether you live in Turkey or just holiday here Turkish delight is a must-try! With hundreds of different types, you’re sure to find one that you love however be careful as they’re not great for the diet!!  

Handbags or clothes 

The sheer number of shops selling handbags and clothes is huge! However, the main thing to remember is generally most shops offer the same price and items so if you find something you like it’s worth buying! 

When thinking about this, one important thing to remember is haggling. Tourist shops and markets expect customers to haggle for their purchases. As long as you’re fair in your expectations you’re likely to get a good deal for your money!