Renovate to protect against earthquakes

Renovate to protect against earthquakes

Tuesday 17th was the 22nd anniversary of one of the biggest earthquakes to hit Turkey. This catastrophe is one of the most destructive in Turkey's history and killed thousands. Research has shown that the country is still not safe from tremors as powerful as the 7.4 magnitude quake that annihilated towns in 1999. 

Many earthquake experts predict that there could be an earthquake at any point in time in the future, that could reach 6.6 magnitudes. Turkey has many active fault lines that straddle the country. Indeed, our country is prone to such disasters and has witnessed many deadly quakes. We only have to look back to 2020 when a 6.6 magnitude earthquake devastated Izmir. 

What can the country do? 

Experts believe that the country should focus more on preparations for earthquakes as opposed to trying to predict when they might occur. After the 1999 quake, the construction industry was overhauled, regulations were changed and a huge awareness campaign was launched. People undertook strategies to reinforce their houses and the government undertook a urban transformation campaign to demolish old buildings and replace them with earthquake-proof sturdier buildings. 

In Istanbul public buildings, schools and hospitals were either renovated or rebuilt. But critics say it is not enough that there are still thousands of buildings constructed before 2000 located on unstable ground. They are being told not to purchase houses built before 2000. This is reason enough for foreign investors and locals to seek real estate from reputable companies like Summerhomes because they have faith and trust in their earthquake-proof buildings.