Prices for Villas in Turkey since the beginning of the epidemic

Prices for Villas in Turkey since the beginning of the epidemic

An analysis that is still in progress shows that in the Turkish real estate market, over the past three weeks, there has been a rapid increase in the value of cottage real estate.

Private Villa Prices are Increasing

In the period, when the first signs of the virus starting in Turkey(from March 10) and leading to this date, the price of suburban homes began to rise. This means that villa prices may increase by over 25%. At the same time, the cost of rental housing in the private sector may also go up to by 18%.

Types of houses with high demand:

  • Small bungalows up to 100-120 m²
  • Spacious villas on the Mediterranean coast
  • Private villas close to the cities and towns

According to experts in the field of Turkish real estate, when people are under quarantine, it is uncomfortable to live and work in small apartments in the city, so they began to search for spacious housing outside the city. Also, during the restrictions, Turkish people miss the fresh air and search for an opportunity to go outside.

The Real Estate Market Forcast by Specialists

According to experts, the rise in prices for suburban housing in Turkey will continue until August. As of this month, due to fewer restrictions, it is expected to increase.