A peaceful oasis ready to be discovered

A peaceful oasis ready to be discovered

There is a village close to Finike in the west of Antalya. A new corner of paradise just 5 km from the center and named Turkuaz Village. It is a place alone with nature, located among the gardens where the famous Finike oranges are grown near the Limyros River.

The Limyros River is very famous in history and is now known as Gokcay. You can also accommodate here. There are wooden bungalows by the river, and their rooms are absolutely delightful. What you are looking for is pure peace and serenity; you have come to the right address.

The only thing you will hear in the Turquoise Village is the bird sounds along with the sound of the river, and the only thing you will feel is the beautiful smell of orange flowers. Oranges start to bloom in April. They offer an organic breakfast of freshly picked products all grown in the village. Even if you do not stay here after the pandemic, you should come for breakfast and enjoy the atmosphere.

The last time one of our colleagues was there, it was 40 TL per person. Apart from breakfast, you can find both local delicacies and international dishes. A night in this hotel is 350-400 TL for two people.

There are also various activities you can do in Turkuaz Village. You can canoe on the Gokcay River. During your canoe trip, you can admire the breathtaking views accompanied by turtles and birds. In the village, you can also participate in harvesting, maintenance, jam making, and even learning to drive a tractor. You can also swim in the natural pool on site. We can definitely recommend you for a weekend holiday.

Limyra Antique City

After spending time in Turkuaz Village, you should definitely visit Limyra Antique City. The city looks beautiful among the lush green trees and flowing waters. Limyra has been a favorite of empires in the past due to its benefits. There are many spring water.

In the summer, people come here for picnics and swim. Limyra is free to enter. In Limyra Ancient City, there is an ancient theater, Xatabura mausoleum, hillside houses and rock tombs, Acropolis and Acropolis Church, Perikle Heron, and city walls. Within the city walls, you can visit Caesar's mausoleum, the godson of Emperor Augustus. Caesar lost his life in Limyra while moving from Jerusalem to Rome, and his tomb was built in the 4th century AD.

Where and how to get to Limyra?

You can reach the ancient city seven kilometers from Finike to Limyra when you turn right from Yuvalılar village after the 6th kilometer to the Saklisu side while driving from the center of Finike towards Elmali.