Pandemic helps homeworkers

Pandemic helps homeworkers

Recent data has revealed that during the pandemic, more people than ever before have radically changed the way they live and work. Remote workers are escaping from densely populated cities to seek a quieter, greener life in rural areas. 

Because of this, land prices have risen much faster than at any time before. The demographics of this also reveals that it is mainly the younger generations who are wanting to build their homes in rural areas. Previously, the demographics indicated that middle-aged and slightly older customers were buying land to give to their children as part of an inheritance. However, pandemic mentality has changed the way we think, being confined to our homes has led us to yearn for open space living surrounded by the countryside. This has made our younger customers understand the true value of land and increased their desire to buy and build on it.

Additionally, data has shown that in the past, twenty or thirty like-minded individuals would come together and buy land and then develop the site, but now everyone wants to live in detached properties with gardens. There has been increasing demand in many of Turkey's districts, for example, 9 districts from Izmir, 7 from Istanbul, 5 from Muğla and 4 from Sakarya were among the areas where detached houses with a garden increased the most due to the epidemic. Among the districts with the highest increase in demand and prices in the last year, Foça with 71 percent in Izmir, Üsküdar with 34 percent in Istanbul and Ortaca with 60 percent in Muğla took the lead.

Üsküdar and Beşiktaş came to the fore in Istanbul

With the onset of the epidemic and the transition to the remote working system, the less populated districts around Istanbul, which lost their attraction to provinces such as İzmir and Muğla, continue to offer home opportunities with gardens. High rural areas such as Silivri, Çatalca, Arnavutköy are followed by transition zones such as Sancaktepe and Çekmeköy. In particular, the demand-driven increase in real estates with short and medium-term rental options also significantly affects their sale value. Üsküdar is one of the districts where the prices of detached houses with gardens have increased the most in the last year, followed by Beşiktaş with 33 percent, Beykoz with 27 percent, Silivri with 15 percent and Sarıyer with 9 percent.

Now is the time to buy!

For Summer Homes customers, we are ready and waiting to start your home buying journey. Our portfolio contains many apartments in green complexes but for those of you seeking that detached experience...well look no further than our website which contains many examples of Executive Villas with land and landscaped gardens for you to peruse and enjoy.