Over 300 Women From 47 Countries Married Turkish Men in Alanya in 2019

Over 300 Women From 47 Countries Married Turkish Men in Alanya in 2019

Why are foreign brides marrying choosing Turkish men?

From all around the 47 countries to be exact, and 312 women got married to Turkish citizens in Alanya alone and only in the year of 2019.

Russian nationals, of course, are topping the list with 77 brides, and most of the old brides in Alanya were from Germany and England, as Amanda Jane Ozsoy and Karen Giden being the first British brides in the district.

The Russian national Anastasia Petrova Cetinkaya talked about her story of the first time coming to turkey, and how they got married.

Many of those women first came here on vacation but found a home for themselves.

As the Russians scored the highest with 77 brides, followed by the Germans with 37 brides and then by the Ukrainian nationals with 33 brides. Then comes after the Kazakhstan nationals with 32 brides, and followed with 47 other nationals got married to Turkish citizens in 2019.


Amanda Jane Ozsoy is known as the hotel manager of Grand Okan and born in England.

She added that when she first came to Turkey, she was on holiday, but she fell in love with the place right away and she couldn't go back to her home.

She decided to get married to a Turk after she lost her husband in a car accident in previous years, then after many years, she fell in love with a Turkish citizen and decided that her new home will be Alanya.


During the interview, it was these words that Karen Giden used.

Also, she said she came first to Alanya over 30 years ago and met with her current husband, Davut Giden when she came here to Alanya and met with him the fallen in love.

She added that she in love with Alanya more than she loves her homeland England, and she considers Turkey to be her homeland more than the united kingdom.