Over 1.35 Million Properties Were Sold In 2019, With a Record of 45,500 Real Estates Sold to Foreigners

Over 1.35 Million Properties Were Sold In 2019, With a Record of 45,500 Real Estates Sold to Foreigners

Nearly over 1,35 million properties were sold in Turkey in the year 2019, as the Turkish statistical institution announced on Wednesday, 15th of January 2020, more than 45,000 properties were sold to foreign nationals during the year of 2019.

Of course, as expected Istanbul took the lead in sales for foreign nationals and investors with a high record of 20,857 real estates, followed by the resort Mediterranean city of Antalya (8,951), the capital Ankara (2,539), then by the northwestern province of Bursa(2.213).

Who Bought The Most Properties in Turkey

Iraqi citizens topped the ranking trailing the Turkish property with 7,596 houses being bought, followed by Iranian, Russians, Saudi Arabians, and then Afghan citizens being on the top five best buyers.

December alone, about 5,300 property units were sold to foreign nationals, and again Iraqis are on top of the list with buying over 900+ houses, which is up to 16+% on the yearly bases, followed by Iranians with a sum of 76 properties, and the Russians bought about 362 units.

Just about 511,700 units were brand new sold for the first time, and the rest were mostly resale properties being sold starting from January to December during the year 2019.

Highest sales were scored in Istanbul as usual not only by being the leading touristic destination for foreigners but also by real estate sales and investments as well, with a percentage of 17.6% of the total property being dealt all across the country which sums up to 237,600+ units for the entire year.

As it was stated by the official data the capital Ankara and Aegean province of Izmir came with an average of 132,000+ and a percentage of 9.8% from all sales, followed by 79,000+ units on average of 5.9% of a total sum of deals during the year in that order respectively.

As a board member of a famous construction company has stated that the real estate overseas promotional association is aiming to increase the total sums of foreign investments and sales from 6 billion dollars to 20 billion dollars in 2020.