Our carbon footprint

Our carbon footprint

Turkey has been home to some debate worthy natural disasters this year including wildfires, earthquakes and floods. Throughout this time citizens, emergency services and other personnel pulled together to help. Looking back it is fair to say that these disasters are happening more frequently due to our carbon footprint and global warming. People are becoming more environmentally aware, with data from Google suggesting a 100% rise in searches on both of these subjects.  

So, how will this awareness be reflected in daily life? Will people start to question their carbon footprint when buying a house or car?

New construction ideas for Real Estate

Members of the Turkish Construction Holders have suggested that this is inevitable and ‘today is the time to talk about a new understanding of construction. The forest fires and flood disasters in our country are the summary of the point we have reached regarding the climate crisis affecting the whole world. We no longer have a chance to make excuses. All sectors, we all have to act. , we can build neither today nor tomorrow with the understanding of construction of the past. We have to take action and take responsibility.’ This information leads us to consider how construction companies can change the way they build. 

No waste buildings 

The slogan ‘Big changes start with small steps’ is the new forward way of thinking that they are planning to adapt, and use innovative solutions to new constructions. Construction companies suggest that global warming and environmental crisis have been on their agendas for a very long time. 

Young and dynamic team members are constantly researching and examining new applications. Using natural resources will implement environmentally sensitive projects. The environment has to come at the beginning of the most basic criteria when making a construction. A basic strategy in this regard is in the buildings that we will implement now there will be no rainwater wastage, the wastewater can be reused according to its quality, for example, the wastewater used in the shower can be reused in the toilet flush, or the water flowing while washing fruits and vegetables will be used for garden irrigation. In buildings where thermal insulation will be made at the highest level, there will be no heating and cooling machines, we will use sunlight as a natural lighting source to the maximum with architectural solutions, we are planning nature-friendly solutions with solar energy panels.

 Environment and wallet-friendly buildings

Today, the most important expense items of a house are heating-cooling, electricity and water expenses. With “No Waste Building” projects, they aim to save up to 60% in these cost items. Like this, today the average electricity bill of a normal family is 400 TL. We aim to reduce this bill to 160 TL with the “Building That Does Not Waste” project. In other words, by choosing these structures, people will protect the environment and nature, and they will save serious money.”

This is fantastic news for real estate and construction companies. Greener projects that are more sustainable will become more popular and inevitably more people will want to live in them