New Year's Eve in Antalya 

New Year's Eve in Antalya 

It is known as one of the most important tourism centres of the world and the city that hosted more than 15 million tourists for the first time in its history, Antalya. It is filled with domestic and foreign tourists who will welcome the New Year in Antalya.

The year 2019 exceeded expectations for Antalya; statistics showed that near 16 million tourists experienced a wonderful vacation in Antalya. The expected growth in 2020 is 10 per cent for Turkey in general and especially in Antalya. There are indications that 17.5 million will visit Antalya next year.


Antalya is the city of those who want to have a holiday in the New Year. In December, due to the fantastic weather, domestic and foreign tourists coming to Antalya have the opportunity to both enter the sea and participate in the activities in the city. This year's New Year's reservations were made weeks in advance and the New Year's concert shows that they are 90 per cent fully booked.

Antalya is never very cold in winter. The coldest days are very similar to spring days in other places. Even in the cold season, there are many fun winter activities to experience and explore.

Main tourist attractions in Antalya's winter season:

  1. City sightseeing
  2. Golf
  3. Ski centres and resorts
  4. Mountain hiking
  5. Visiting the main sights of the city; Ethnographic Museum, Land of Legends, the Antalya Museum, Aquarium, and many more!

We at the Summer Home Real Estate company, wish you all happy holidays filled with fun and laughter, and a Happy New Year!