New train line to link Turkey to Europe

New train line to link Turkey to Europe

Forty seven percent of the Çerkezköy-Kapıkule railway line has been completed. The railway station, when completed, will provide Turkey with a high standard connection to European Countries. The railway line, which will have 59 overpasses, 53 underpasses, 16 railway bridges, and 2 tunnels is being completed at a fast rate. The projects are almost halfway through, and the project manager states that 275 million Euros of the 530 million Euros was provided from the European Union grant funds.


Data collected so far states that the progress has reached 98 percent in the works for the road on which the rails will be laid so far.  A further 47 percent of the works on the Çerkezköy-Kapıkule line, which is under construction, have been completed. Currently, 18 kilometres of rails have been laid within our province and the aim to complete the project on December 31, 2023 is still achievable.

Why it’s Important for Turkey? 

It has been said that Turkey is already a very important and strategic country. Along with this transportation it will be the main route of the new modern Iron Silk Road. Our province will be a province with high opportunities in terms of both conventional and high-speed trains, with its proximity to Istanbul Airport and Burgas Port in Bulgaria, close to 3 gates in Bulgaria and 2 gates in Edirne, as well as railway gate in the logistics field. It is a very important project in the development of our country and our people.”

Shorter transportation times 

With the project that will connect Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ to the high-speed train network, the travel time between Halkalı and Kapikule will be reduced from 8 hours to 3.5 hours for freight trains, and from 3.5 hours to 1 hour 35 minutes for passenger trains. The existing line capacity will also increase by 4 times. When the project is completed, it is aimed that the freight transported on the Halkalı-Kapıkule line will reach 9.6 million tons from 1.53 million tons per year, and the annual average number of passengers will increase from 600 thousand to 3.4 million, which is a huge amount. 275 million Euros of the project, whose contract was signed for 530 million Euros, will be provided from European Union grant funds.

Benefits of the project 

The project was designed by taking into account all environmental measures, for example preserving and reusing organic soil along the line route, making transitions for wildlife and manufacturing sound curtains. There will be stations in Çerkezköy, Büyükkarışan, Lüleburgaz, Babaeski, Edirne and Kapıkule on the line within the scope of the project, which was awarded the 2019 Inspiring Project Award in the field of “finance and funding” at the Eurasia Strategic Infrastructure Projects Leadership Forum.