Decreasing number of infections in Turkey

Decreasing number of infections in Turkey

The Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey, Dr Fahrettin Koca, reports on his Twitter that in the country, the percentage of patients who recovered from COVID-19 disease continues to increase.

On May 5, 35.771 thousand tests were done, which is not 11 thousand more than on the previous day. Moreover, there were fewer diagnoses confirming infection (1614 cases in total). Total figures for the same date:

  • Patients with coronavirus - 127.659 people.
  • 68.166 people recovered
  • 3,461 people died as a result of a pandemic.

This data allows us to make optimistic forecasts about the decline in the intensity of the pandemic in Turkey. The minister explains the success of doctors and the high level of technical equipment and material security for medical institutions. In the country, there are enough mechanical ventilation devices, protective masks and suits. There are enough antiseptics for mass disinfection. The Republic has provided assistance to many neighbouring countries.

Recently, Turkish researchers tested the animal vaccine against COVID-19.

Achieving the minimum number of infections per month was also facilitated by vigorous anti-infection measures. Authorities in some provinces imposed curfews and other stringent restrictions on the movement of citizens. You can only leave the house for taking out the garbage, walking dogs, visiting grocery stores and pharmacies.

Minimum social distances are enforced, and wearing masks is a must for everyone.

The resumption of tourism business is under discussion. International airports are temporarily closed, but hotel and resort owners claim that a pandemic will not entail a rise in prices for the services they offer after quarantine is lifted.

Earlier, President Recep Erdogan decided to partially mitigate the restrictions imposed due to the proliferation of COVID-19.