It's Never too Late to Embrace the Green Lifestyle!

It's Never too Late to Embrace the Green Lifestyle!

Pandemics Alter our Expectations

Pandemic conditions, which affected the whole world, continue to impinge on our way of life. Busy city centres which are dominated by towering, concrete apartment blocks, office high rises and huge shopping malls have seen a decline in population due to a migration of people moving to the suburbs.  This is especially true for the younger generation who have started to look for houses where they can be in touch with nature; where they can deal with the soil in their gardens, and of course, taking into account the comfort of their pets, instead of relatively old apartments without balconies or terraces.

Who Wants a Green Life?

From June 2020, it has been seen that the demand for neighbourhoods with an isolated lifestyle, far from the city centre, has increased. According to the 2020 data of KW Turkey office, this increase is at a record level of 300%. While this demand continues to increase day by day in districts that provide independent living opportunities such as Zekeriyaköy, Göktürk, Kemerburgaz; the lack of options is directly reflected in the real estate prices.

In the full closure period covering April and May, the trend in these regions continued from where it left off. Keller Williams Turkey, one of the leading representatives of the industry Karma official and green living expert Nikan Khamisi said,

"Our customers looking for a house in Istanbul have an increasing demand for green space, especially with the pandemic process. In order to meet this demand and find solutions for their needs, we are happy to help families who dream of a life in touch with nature, with the consultancy support we provide on green life, which is my area of ​​expertise. ''

Khamisi, one of the youngest and successful consultants of KW Turkey, which is the leader in the real estate sector with its 21 offices and more than 1500 consultants throughout Turkey, aims to meet the needs of homeowners who yearn to live in harmony with nature, with the Green Life Realty platform that he established at the beginning of 2021. 

The Green Life Realty team concentrates on a sales process focused entirely on value sales by carrying out detailed preliminary studies that will add value to the property, such as comparative market value study and free appraisal report, decorative and interior architectural works, professional video and even drone footage. The properties transferred to the private database, in which all consultants within Keller Williams are actively involved, are also shared with the clients of the relevant sector. In this way, maximum access is provided within the system and the residence therefore the desired criteria can be reached in a very short time.

Generation Y

Research suggests that today's consumers, especially Generation Y, actively use social media in their search for real estate. Nikan Khamisi aims to be actively involved in this area as well. Although mass advertisement sites are still popular, the conscious client prefers to go with more concentrated and expert consultants. In this context, buyers who are looking for a natural life away from the city contact consultants specialised in this field. In this context, Green Life Realty, which can support all kinds of green living areas with the most modern methods, becomes the prominent solution partner.