Kas, Fethiye and Bodrum win the award for most sought after ‘villa-holiday’.

Kas, Fethiye and Bodrum win the award for most sought after ‘villa-holiday’.

With more than four thousand rental villa options, Turkey's largest villa rental platform announced the most preferred ones in the first half of 2021. 

This year, the majority of people who rented villas chose to vacate in Kas, Fethiye, Bodrum, Belek and Marmaris. This year, the period with the most reservations was 17-24 July.

The new generation boat and villa rental platform has announced holiday trends according to the preferences of its members. As every year, the preferred regions for rental villas this year were Kaş, Fethiye, Bodrum, Belek and Marmaris. The CEO of company, stated that the months of July and August have an occupancy rate of more than 95 percent, and drew attention to the fact that the most booked period this year was July 17-24, with the effect of the holiday. He stated that the most sought after villa types are villas with private pools, villas with large gardens and villas with 3 or more rooms, therefore suitable for large families.

Families with children tended to book villas with gardens and children's pools.

The CEO suggested that members of company also preferred a certain type of villa saying:

“While villas with shared pools had very good occupancy rates in previous years, villas with private pools and game rooms are preferred much more than others due to the pandemic. With the pandemic, especially families living in big cities and unable to offer their children many opportunities, started to prefer our villas much more in order to breathe a little”.

 Furthermore research shows families with children prefer villas with gardens, close to the sea, children's pools, swings, slides or games rooms. Moreover, families with children mostly want to stay in single-storey villas without stairs which are located in an isolated, safe areas close to the sea, with markets and restaurants close by.

The longest vacation was 90 days.

On average the minimum stay for the summer period is 5 nights. Tatildekirala.com also said: “7-night stays constitute 50% of the total stays. Stays longer than 7 nights are also preferred. The longest stay on our platform to date has been 90 days. When we look at the most crowded reservation, one of our villas in Bodrum reached the highest number of guests with 22 people.”

Growth will continue in the villa rental sector

The CEO of the company stated that villas in Istanbul have started to receive reservations more frequently since the pandemic has eased. Mat underlined that when they analysed Google trends searches in June 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year, they observed a 4-fold increase, and that this situation was reflected in the transactions made on Tatildekirala.com as 5 times. Mat said, “On top of the growth experienced last year, another 90% growth took place. We think that the villa rental sector experienced a significant break last year and that the volume increase experienced last year will now form a basis and the growth will continue.”