HES code in Turkey

HES code in Turkey

Just after the arrival of the pandemic in Turkey, the government decided to introduce a new system that will help its people follow and control the number of cases through an application that generates codes ( HES codes). 

In a short period, this new system became a part of our lives at the beginning of 2020. These codes are used during trips, entrances to certain buildings (city hall, banks, shopping centers, gyms, etc.)

What is the HES code used for?

In this context, with the new law after May 30, the travellers using public transportation (plane, train, bus) between the cities need to obtain a code by using the "Hayat Eve Sığar" application. 

Also, to enter an exam, the health and education ministry requested HES codes.

When you wish to stay in a hotel during your vacation you need to have a HES code(this rule does not apply to tourists visiting the country).

What is a ''HES code''?

HES is the initials of ''Hayat Eve Sığar'', which translates to Life fits at home. This code's primary purpose is to indicate who is carrying the virus.

How can I get a HES Code?

There are a total of 3 ways to receive a HES code. These are;


The easiest way to get a HES code through SMS is to use a Turkish sim card. First, you need to type in HES, after a space, enter the nationality (GBR, FIN, DEU, etc.), then your passport number after another space, and then the year of that person's date (1980), and lastly, the surname then send it to 2023.

Example: HES GBR 516548 1980 SMITH

HES ( Hayat Eve Sığar ) application

Turkish residences and citizens can only receive this code.

After downloading the app, all you have to do is allow some features on your phone and filling in your details; all you have to do is press, '' create new HES code'' and enter the duration.


Turkish residences and citizens can only receive this code.

You can have access to E-devlet through your phone and computer. Once the account details have been filled in, type in '' HES Kodu Üretme ve Listeleme'', and on the right corner of the page, you need to click on ''Yeni HES Kodu''. After you will in your details, pick the expiry date of your code.