How to declutter your life

How to declutter your life

If you have joined the legions of people who have left their home country in search of a better life then chances are you are now living in a smaller apartment or villa. It’s time to declutter and reorganise. When I moved here three years ago, there were so many items I brought with me from my home in the UK. Now I have decided it’s time to declutter. Those items I thought I just couldn’t live without have turned into dust traps or worse are still stuck in a cupboard never to see the light of day.

Time to get serious 

I had to chuck away my sentimentality and start looking at my belongings with a more critical eye. So, I asked myself, “Which of these belongings should I throw away or donate and why?” I listed my answers. I started by throwing away, useless, unused items, stained or broken clothes or objects. Then had a pile of stuff which I could donate. Outside my complex is a sort of recycling bin which is regularly emptied so I know my stuff will go to a good place.  I looked at the items I don’t really use but am still attached to. This includes wedding presents given to us over 30 years ago! I decided which ones I absolutely must keep and then placed the other items in a pile. I'll ask friends or family if they want anything and if not then they too will go into the recycling bin.  


There are many cheap storage items available either online or visit one of the market-style shops. Items I want to keep, I'm going to place in boxes and label and then I’m lucky enough to have bought a lift up style bed so I’ll store them under that. I also decided to buy a pretty wicker basket which I use to store bills and receipts until I have time to look through them or pay. It just keeps my kitchen counter clear. 


Declutter kitchens and bathrooms 

When you are arranging your home, don’t forget to declutter and organise these spaces too. Put the items you use daily at the front of the cabinets and if it's an occasionally used item, then push it to the back. Don’t forget to look at expiry dates for medicines and dispose of them properly! I actually have a locking storage box for these as I don’t want little fingers accidentally getting in there. Alternatively, store in a high place. 

I can’t promise doing this will be life-changing but there is something quite liberating at getting rid of the old and useless stuff. Some people say that decluttering your life can also help with decluttering your mind.