How to access the Web Land Registry

How to access the Web Land Registry

Antalya has been chosen to run a pilot scheme which sees the Web Deed system open to foreigners buying immovable property here in turkey. 

Web Land Registry 

This is the system which citizens and companies use to track and manage their immovables on the internet. Now it has been decided to open this facility to foreigners. 

It can be accessed via the: The Foreigner portal can be entered by clicking on the ‘For Foreigner’ field in the upper right-hand corner of this page. This portal was created only for the use of foreigners who acquire immovable property in Turkey. 


How to use the system 

Create a record first by registering: 

  • Mobile Phone Number 

  • E-mail address 

  • Passport or Foreigner’s identity number registered with GSM operators in Turkey 

You can then activate the portal after they approve the e-mail sent to them with the subject of Web Land Registry User Registration. After logging onto the system, you can choose the language in either English, French, Russian and/or Arabic. From this portal you can request valuation follow-ups; report access and revaluation requests can also be made from this page. 

Summerhomes will also be able to assist clients with accessing this portal when they are making valuation applications in the Antalya province.