Homeowner or Renter?

Homeowner or Renter?

Why should I become a Home Owner? 

Buying your first home is a massive decision to make but it seems many young, newly Weds are doing just that. But in fact, current Data has revealed that it's not just young couples getting onto the property ladder but mature customers are seeing the benefits of investing in property. 

You can turn rent into long-term profit 

If you rent a house it may seem like the more attractive option because it seems to cost less in the short run. However, looking at this option over an extended period of time reveals some negatives. Renting a house can force you to use monies which you had set aside to enable you to travel or to extend your education. 

Buying is an option with high returns in the long run. Making mortgage payments can be similar to your rental payments, but it saves you the burden of paying rent for something you will never own. Eventually, you will own your property, depending on the length of term you mortgaged for. Rental payments in some instances can be significantly higher than mortgage repayments. There is a huge sense of satisfaction in owning a property and can enhance your feeling of happiness within your life and give you a sense of stability. 

Removal Fees 

It makes sense to research your home buying needs at the outset as it will save you money in the long term. Constantly looking for a new house, paying company removal fees and reorganising all your billing transactions takes time and effort. However, if you choose your home wisely at the outset you may only have to move a few times in your lifetime thus reducing long-term costs. 

Freedom to choose 

Undoubtedly, another issue that tenants have difficulty with is having the freedom to choose how they want their home to be decorated. Even hanging some art on the wall or moving a wall to increase a space within the home can cause huge problems for the landlord. Owning your own home frees up your decision-making choices. Hang that painting...move that wall, you own the property! 

Evaluate your savings 

Trying to save whilst making rent payments can strain your budget and you may lose the dream of owning your own home. However, it benefits you if you use existing life savings to obtain a mortgage and therefore reduce the amount of money wasted by renting.  

At the end of the day these are all life choices. You may be perfectly happy in your rental accommodation as it suits your needs. However, by looking long term and discussing your needs with a reputable company such as Summer Homes, you can negotiate payment plans, deposit options and payment methods enabling you to buy your new dream home.