HES codes and PCR tests

HES codes and PCR tests

Beginning Monday, September 6 2021 citizens and residents of Turkey who are not vaccinated will be required to take a PCR test, with a negative result, in order to be admitted to activities such as concerts, cinemas and theatres.

Operators/organisers will ask for proof of vaccination/past disease or the negative PCR test performed a maximum 48 hours ago via the HES code at the entrance to the events.

If the person has not had COVID-19, is not vaccinated or does not have a negative PCR test, they will not be allowed to participate in the event.

A negative PCR test will also be needed for intercity trips by plane, bus, train or other public transportation vehicles, by citizens and residents who are not vaccinated or have not had the disease. However, this does not include if you’re travelling by private transport for example your own car.

Travel companies, including airport transfers, will ask for proof of vaccination, or past disease or a negative PCR test performed 48hours in advance before the person will be allowed in the vehicle. Without one of these three things, the traveller will not be allowed to board the vehicle.

For people who have not had the disease or who are not vaccinated will have to provide negative PCR tests which have been taken within 48hours in order to attend some places. In some provinces, they will not be allowed to enter even with these.

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