Handouts Which Date Back to The 1950's

Handouts Which Date Back to The 1950's

11 instructions of tourism in Turkey written almost 70 years ago!

How did Turkey manage to become a country that accommodates up to 40 million tourists each year? As it happens, as far back as in the 1950s, a handbook was handed to all the locals about welcoming tourists. We believe these handouts played a significant role in helping the Turkish Republic to become a great tourist destination. We would like to add that this handout was brought to turkey by a foreigner and thought about sharing you this information.

Here are the 11 instructions on how to treat foreign people. We would like to note that this paper is over 70 years old.

1. The tourist is our guest, so we must treat them well. We must try to show them exciting places.

2. You must not disturb the tourist if they are tired or busy with their friends or family. But if they need help or service, we must be prepared to help them any given time.

3. If the tourist or a group of tourists come to our town or village, we all, old and young, must greet them with a smile.

4. If tourists are riding in a car, we, especially school children and young people, must greet them waving our hand. Nothing will make the tourist happier in a strange country than a greeting with a wave.

5. Even if we don’t know the language, we can still help the tourist. They can use gestures to explain their problem. You can help them using gestures as well. If you still have problems understanding, make no mistake by insisting trying to communicate.

6. If the tourist’s car is broken, or they are lost, if they ask for directions, if they can’t find where to eat or sleep, we must do our best to help them.

7. We must not allow people to take advantage of the tourist, to earn easy money or to rob them. If we witness somebody doing this, we must inform the district warden, gendarme, or policeman as soon as possible.

8. We must give the tourist only the best food and drinks, everything must be fresh and clean.

9. In tourism, cleanliness is the utmost importance. Our diners, hotels, motels, waiters, dishes and cutlery must be clean and shining.

10. We must not ask the tourist to pay for services or goods more than they cost. We must be honest with them.