A guide for Beginners in Kash

A guide for Beginners in Kash

We have prepared a guide for you to visit one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean region. In this guide, you will find places to stay, eat and even a beach to swim.

Kash is unique in many ways, thanks to its rich history and geological area. It has one of the best sunsets in the world, being the birthplace of Santa Claus, the location for pegasuses and being the first place to have democracy.

Beaches to visit;

Doria Beach

Buyukcakil Beach

Kucukcakil Beach

As you are visiting these beaches, make sure to go on the Kekova Boat trip.

Places to eat;

Vira: Vira is a restaurant where you can taste local food and enjoy the sea.

Ince Bogaz Restaurant: At this restaurant, you see all the white pebbles and the open sea, which leads to the Meis island.

Zaika Restaurant: The restaurant is really nice, but you need to book a reservation in advance.

Places to see and things to do;

Xhantos, Patara, Saklıkent and Kaputaş tour: The tour starts with an excellent breakfast and leads you to sites which have historical value. The next stop takes you to a 14 km long beach. Lastly, they will take you to Kaputash’s phosphoric beach.

Chukurbag Peninsula

Chukurbag Village

Places to stay;

Saylam Suites Boutique Hotel: Most balconies have a view of Meis Island.

Arna Hotel: It is a hotel in kuchukchakil district. The owners and people are very positive.