Galataport set to reopen! 

Galataport set to reopen! 

The famous Galataport in Istanbul is set to reopen after a staggering two hundred years! This August (2021) the first ship will be arriving to this port and will become a huge part of tourism in the coming future. The face of Istanbul will be catapoulted in to a new and modern visual setting that marries its past with its future. The Tophane Square will once again become a major square of Istanbul. The new port, once fully open, will be expected to offer employment to approximately 4,500 people.


After a huge renovation project the vice-chairman of the port announced that a slow open will begin in August. The first ship will arrive from the Black coastal area of Sochi, Russia and will be carrying 800 passengers. This area of Istanbul is where history, aesthetics and innovation will come together and the renovation of the port will enable this. A new underground terminal has been constructed and is a vast 29,000m2. This is so that people residing in Istanbul can enjoy the promenade without interruption from the cruise area guests. 


The expectation of this port is to welcome 1.5 million tourists every year to the area. This will be fantastic for tourism in Turkey and opens up a new kind of guest to the country. After the completion of Galataport in 2021, it will host around 3 cruise ships at once, and 500 cruise ships with an average of 4,000 passengers each throughout the year. The port will be able to host the biggest cruise ships in the world


The port itself will become a new hub for the city of Istanbul. With cafes, boutiques and hotels, restaurants and office spaces;  it is not solely for cruise ships to dock. This will allow the area to be a meeting place for many residents and tourists alike. There is set to be two museums and it is hoped that this area will be a new centre of arts and culture. It is hoped that it will host 25 million visitors of which 7 million will be tourists.