Flights between Turkey and Georgia may resume in May

Flights between Turkey and Georgia may resume in May

Mtavari Arkhi TV company reported the resumption of regular flights on the Tbilisi-Istanbul route in late May on 05/05/2020. This information is confirmed from the Turkish Broadcasting Company (TRT) and Turkish Airlines (THY) on their website. TRT spoke about the preparation of plans for the resumption of international traffic in the summer months.

At the end of May, flights from Tbilisi to Istanbul will resume.


According to THY, in June, there will be over 75 flights operated weekly to 22 airports in 19 countries, including to Georgia (Tbilisi). In June, the company plans to reach 60% of flights that they have made before the pandemic.

In July, THY intends to increase the number of flights per week to 572 in 103 airports and 74 countries. In August, the company will reach 937 flights per week at 160 airports and 98 countries.


According to the information provided from the journalists of the Georgian television company, flights will be operated with enhanced security measures:

  • Before the flight, passengers tests will have to be taken to check the antibodies in the blood.
  • At the check-in, each passengers temperature will be measured.
  • During the flight, passengers will be required to use masks and gloves.
  • Only 1/3 of the plane will be occupied.
Departing passengers temperature will be mesured.

Innovations will affect the cost of tickets.

Turkish Airline's website has opened the opportunity to book seats on flights from 05.29.2020. The cost of an economy class ticket from Tbilisi to Istanbul is $ 126.96, business class - $ 439.13. The first departure of TK387 flight, operated by the narrow-body Airbus A321 of Turkish Airlines, will take place at 4:05, and arrival at 5:40, the claimed travel time is 2 hours 35 minutes.


During the implementation of measures by the Turkish authorities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, air traffic with Georgia was interrupted on March 20 along with other 46 countries. On the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and the Science Council, on March 28, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stopped all international flights.