Covid-19: Is it possible to go on a vacation in Turkey?

The flights between Germany and Turkey have reopened in June. Although the Foreign Office in Germany is still warning its citizens not to travel, numerous holidaymakers are drawn to Turkey. Despite the pandemic going on these days, many do not want to miss the sun, beach and sea. That is why the regulation for returnees from Turkey states that they have to go into a two-week quarantine in Germany. But if the holidaymaker has a corona test taken within 48 hours to their flight.

There will be changes from July 1

The EU plans to stop further travel warnings for a few third countries from July 1. Still, it is questionable whether Turkey will be among these countries. There are one hundred thirty test centres in Turkey (including the border crossings and airports in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Dalaman). Travellers can get tested here to spend a carefree vacation in Turkey or to visit the family. Test centres are to be opened at other airports from July 15.

Which requirements must be met for the Covid-19 test?

For those who need to perform the test, the costs for the test (12 euros). The test fee must be paid by bank transfer (Halkbank, and Ziraatbank), and the test-takers will receive their results within two hours. Turkish citizens and blue card owners can view their test results using their e-Devlet number in the e-Nabiz app from the Ministry of Health.

Corona tests are also carried out in hospitals. There is an additional processing fee of 100 TL. If you get tested in the morning, you will receive your test result in the afternoon (depending on the workload). Except for Sundays, vacationers can be tested daily. However, German authorities only accept tests carried out in state hospitals.

The following documents are required to take the test:

  • A copy of your ID card or passport
  • Plane ticket
  • Copy of the bank transfer receipt (the paid fee for the test)

Entry into Turkey - what can vacationers expect?

The body temperature of every person arriving is measured once they enter Turkey. If the temperature is above 37.8 degrees, the traveller is tested in the test centre free of charge. No test will be performed on travellers who are not symptomatic and have a normal body temperature.

Which regulations currently apply in Turkey?

Although life in Turkey is slowly getting back to normal, people's health and safety remain a top priority. Masks are required in supermarkets, banks and public transport. There is currently a general obligation to wear the masks in 42 provinces. A distance rule of three steps applies throughout Turkey.

Swimming pools, restaurants and cafes have opened again. Open-air concerts are also permitted until midnight. There is still a night curfew for those under the age of 18, and those over 65 (tourists are excluded from this rule).