Bicycle Tours in Alanya

Bicycle Tours in Alanya

Are you one of those people who believe the best way to soak up the culture of a place is to cycle, gosh! We have good news for you from The Summer Home Real Estate Team, here are three groups in Alanya which you can use to travel by bicycle and to enjoy your day with a group.

Vi Skyler Sammen I Alanya

In this group, most of the group members are Scandinavian. This is mainly because the owner of the group is Norwegian. The average age group is thirty or more, so the pace will be a little slower than more professional groups. Most of the activities are in the spring, autumn and winter because of the intensive heat.

The Sunday Morning Bicycle Group

This group has a mixture of people from young to old and amateur to professional. Everyone goes at their own pace, so don't be worried about being behind or going too far ahead. You can make out from the group's name is that most of the activities are held on Sunday because most of the people work during the week and only have time off on Sunday.


The last group on our list is also for children. Initially, the group was made to gather people to do sports like hiking, trecking etc. But now it's a bike group for adults and mainly kids (a small fact about the group).