Attention to all travellers coming to Antalya. Do not come without a reservation!

Attention to all travellers coming to Antalya!

Attention to all travellers coming to Antalya. Do not come without a reservation!

Antalya's nature and history intertwined, boutique and bungalow houses made of hostel-style tourism with the world-famous beaches. Çıralı, Olympos and Adrasan have a total 50 thousand bed capacity. All businesses( hotels ) have already reached 100 percent for Ramadan holidays. Therefore managers have warned all holidaymakers to come with a reservation, otherwise without the reservation visitors will have a problem.

Antalya, Kemer and Kumluca districts of the world-famous beaches, ancient cities, orange trees and Çıralı, Adrasan and Olympos, where hostel-style tourism is done with bungalow houses in with nature, are fully booked due to the high demand of rooms in the duration of 9 days. Although the managers suggest that they have reached full capacity, they said that they are receiving hundreds of phone calls every day, that people are requesting empty rooms but could not get a positive answer. The three holiday villages which are located side by side suggest that it will even hard to find a place to set up a tent. That is why managers of these places warn all travellers to be prepared for there holidays.

Sleeping on the beach and lighting a campfire is forbidden!

The district chief has also warned the people who will spend their holidays in this region, quoted: "Our region will be very busy, crowded at the holidays. We want our people to not light barbecues on the coast and forests, to avoid fires. Because we entered the summer season, the danger of fire hazards has increased. In addition, The Çıralı coast is a breeding area for sea turtles. It's forbidden to spend the night on the coastline, to light a fire, to make noise. We want holidaymakers to be sensitive to these issues".