Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Growth in Artificial Intelligence leads to more jobs

Artificial intelligence is expected to increase globally by approximately 14% by 2030. While the impact of technology on the economy gradually increased, artificial intelligence is set to also increase providing more job opportunities. With the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy prepared by the Presidency of the Digital Transformation Office and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, 50,000 people will be employed in the field of artificial intelligence by 2025.

Funding opportunities 

Presidential Circular on Turkey's 2025 artificial intelligence strategy was published in the Official Gazette. It stated that it will create employment for 50,000 in the field of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, government supports and funding opportunities will be given to companies engaged and R&D will increase. It will be expected that the ratio of artificial intelligence R&D expenditures to total R&D expenditures will be at least 15%. The strategic step taken is expected to spread the culture of innovation and develop entrepreneurship throughout Turkey. 

Aim to be in the top 20 AI around the world. 

According to the research titled "Supporting Research, Entrepreneurship and Innovation", the number of startups in the field of artificial intelligence will be increased to 1000. In addition, the commercialisation of developed artificial intelligence solutions in public procurement will be supported thoroughly. 

1 billion TL to be given in the next 10 years 

TÜBİTAK, which provides funding for AI R&D projects, has provided 1.7 billion TL financing support to approximately 1,715 R&D and innovation projects in the last 10 years. 41.2 percent of the support for artificial intelligence R&D projects was provided to large enterprises, 31.6 percent to SMEs, and 2.3 percent to technology-based individual entrepreneurs for mentoring and seed investment.

With these incredible figures, Turkey will become one of the leading countries for Artificial Intelligence. This will bring real estate and business leadership to the forefront of the Turkish economy and is a fantastic opportunity.