Aid Organizations in Turkey

Aid Organizations in Turkey

Help Organizations in Turkey

As in every city in Turkey, there is much charity. These charitable organizations aim to support those who are in need or if there is a disaster, they are working to help victims of natural disasters or war. Aid organizations in Turkey get their funds similar to others in the world is mostly through donations from other people. If you wish to make a donation to any charity, you can donate online by visiting the charity websites. You can make a one-time donation, or you can give your donation every month. Some of the organizations that help the needy in Turkey;

Turk Kızılayı

Turk Kızılayı is a charity that tries to provide support to victims in the event of a disaster in Turkey as well as in other countries. Also, the Turk Kızılayı main focus is on storing blood. The Turk Kızılayı is one of the oldest aid organizations. It was founded in 1868 by Abdullah Bey.

Yeryuzu Doktorları

The association was founded in 2000 by a group of health professionals. Associations are advocating that everyone should have an equal right to health in the world. Not only in Turkey but to other countries reaching out to people who do not receive health care services. Here are some of the countries that this organization helps;

• Indonesia

• Pakistan

• Sudan

• Sri Lanka

• Africa

• Syria

If you want to support this association, you can get more information and donate online by visiting the website.

TEMA Foundation

They do not only support organizations that help needy people in Turkey. There are also charities working on the safety and inhabitance of trees and animals. TEMA Foundation is one of the charity organizations that carry out studies on nature. Founded in 1992, the Tema Foundation has done a lot of work throughout the years. Especially with the increase of forest fires in summer, Tema Foundation has been working overtime for planting new trees to make up for the forest fires.