«Aidat»: everything about monthly fee for amenities of the residential complex

«Aidat»: everything about monthly fee for amenities of the residential complex

After buying property in one of the residential complexes in Turkey one encounters an important term ‘aidat’. So what exactly does 'aidat' mean?

‘Aidat’ is a monthly payment for maintenance of the residential complex. All of the residents have to pay it independent of whether they permanently reside in their apartment or not. Payment of ‘aidat’ is regulated by the Turkish law on condominiums according to which the size of the payment is determined at the meetings of the residents.

What expenses is ‘aidat’ composed of?

The more developed the infrastructure of the residential complex is the higher the expenses and ‘aidat’ are. The biggest part of the expenses is the salaries of the personnel working on site. If the complex is small there can be just one concierge (‘kapıcı’ in Turkish) taking care of it. The concierge makes sure that the territory of a complex and hallways are clean, fountains and pools are functioning properly, green area is landscaped, etc. Residents can always ask him for help if a problem related to the complex arises. At the same time one concierge is not enough for taking care of a big complex. Then more personnel is hired. It can be receptionists, gardeners, security, housekeeping, drivers, etc. Accordinly, labor costs will be higher and ‘aidat’ will be higher too.

The next big expense if the infrastructure of a complex itself. Lighting of the territory in a dark time of the day, water in the pool, heating up the sauna and hamam, operation of the bowling and cinema, etc. It all costs money. Infrastructure of a five star hotel is not only an opportunity to enjoy holiday without leaving the complex, but also it is an additional expense which one needs to consider. Moreover, there are additional costs such as for example garbage collection, which also add up to the total price of ‘aidat’. Once the total cost of the maintenance of a residential complex is defined, it is divided by the number of apartments in the complex.

Why to pay 'aidat' during the times one doesn't stay at the complex? It is very simple. Imagine that most of the residents only stay in their apartments in summer and do not pay for the maintenance of the complex in winter. What would happen? Green area suffer greatly without special care and in summer its recovery will require higher costs. Outdoor pools will demand bigger maintenance. Anybody will be able to pass the territory of the complex if there is no security at the duty. The complex will fall in decay and recovery will require lots of spending. Furthermore, if you suddenly decide to visit your apartment in off-season you will encounter a sad scene and you will not be able to take advantage of the infrastructure you payed for. That is why it is so important that all of the tenants pay monthly 'aidat'. Then at any time of the year you will encounter a well-kept area of the complex and friendly staff and all of the amenities that you have counted on when acquiring an apartment in a residential complex will be fully functional.

Who calculates the service expenses and monitors the management of the complex?

All property owners have the right to participate in the complex management. From time to time meetings for all of the owners are organized at the complex. Information about scheduled meetings is posted on the bulletin board and sent by post. If someone cannot personally attend the meeting he may delegate power of attorney to another person. The decision is made by vote. For decision making on any question two meetings may be held. Thus, if less than half of the residents participate in the first meeting then the second meeting is appointed. At the second meeting decision is made independent of the number of the participants.

Only the general meeting of property owners can make a decision about the size of ‘aidat’ as well as who will manage the complex and keep track of the collection of ‘aidat’ and its spending. In small complexes where the majority of the owners reside permanently usually one of the most initiative tenants gets chosen to be the manager of the complex. But at big residental complexes and especially at the complexes where a lot of foreigners reside the management of the complex gets entrusted to a special company which operates on the basis of a signed contract. This increases the expenses but makes the lives of the tenants much easier. If a management company takes care of the complex then at the annual meeting the company provides reports on expenditures. On the basis of the provided information the decision is made whether 'aidat' should remain unchanged or if it is necessary to adjust its size. All of the participants sign a protocol at the end of the meeting.

Thus, ‘aidat’ is an important payment required to maintain the complex in an excellent condition. The size of ‘aidat’ depends on a number of the factors listed above and each of the owners can influence it by taking part in a meeting of tenants.

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